Sustainable Advantage: Cardboard and Chipboard vs. Plastic in Packaging

Sustainability has been a major draw for consumers in the last several years. The demand for more environmentally friendly packaging has shifted the packaging industry to begin to focus efforts more on cardboard and chipboard solutions over plastic. In some states, laws are being implemented that require manufacturers to reduce or eliminate plastic from their packaging altogether. Here are the advantages of moving from plastic to cardboard and chipboard packaging.

Long-Term Sustainability for Packaging

Tree-based packaging solutions like cardboard and chipboard have a significant advantage over plastic because they are renewable. When trees are farmed for paper products, it is required that they be replaced in the environment at least one for one and, in some cases, more. Cardboard and chipboard can be recycled and reprocessed into other paper-based products.

Cardboard and Chipboard Offer Stronger Packaging Solutions

Options like corrugated packaging, chipboard, and paper tape packaging for your products have never been more secure. While plastic can crack and become easily damaged in the shipping process, corrugated cardboard allows for better strength in all shipping conditions, ensuring that your products arrive safely to the consumer.

Cardboard and Chipboard Are More Practical Than Plastic

Practicality is another excellent reason to ditch plastic and move toward tree-based products. They are more easily customizable to your products and provide versatility as they can be used as the primary packaging solution and padding and separators on the inside. They are also cleaner than plastic, as plastic tends to harbor microbes that can transfer to your product during shipping. Cardboard and chipboard also are usually cheaper than plastic solutions.

While plastic isn't going away anytime soon, and there are fears of cardboard shortages due to the lack of processing facilities, there is still a lot of merit to moving toward the more sustainable option of cardboard and chipboard. ADCO Manufacturing has the packaging solution to help meet your needs for your product. If you're considering moving away from plastic packaging solutions, our knowledgeable, caring experts will work with you to find the right machine for you.