Three Top Food Packaging Trends for 2023

Food packaging trends are constantly evolving and changing to meet the consumer’s preferences and mainstream trends. Many people are more likely to connect with a brand or product if the packaging is up-to-date, user-friendly, or adds value to them. Here are the trends that consumers will be looking for in 2023.

Technology-Enabled Packaging Solutions

Technology-Enabled or “smart” packaging solutions are one of the top trends in food packaging. Brands that include QR codes with their products bring value and an enhanced user experience for their customers. QR codes can highlight promotions, give more detailed information about your food product, or provide a video explaining how to consume or prepare your product.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The market for environmentally friendly packaging has steadily grown over the past several years. Millennials and Gen Z make up most of today’s workforce, and their buying power is growing. These generations place a high value on products and packaging that are conscious of the environment and consider the amount of waste being produced. Consumers are starting to choose fully recyclable or compostable packaging or those made from recycled materials over other, less sustainable options. In addition, sustainable packaging requires fewer raw and natural resources, so it can also come with cost savings.

Value Packaging and Club Store Packaging

With high inflation, high interest rates, and supply chain shortages, consumers want to save money wherever possible. Because of this, items that come in larger quantities or multi-packs will continue to increase in demand as long as prices remain high. While smaller packaging options will still be popular for most of this year, value portion items are expected to increase steadily through 2025.

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