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Horizontal End Load Cartoners

ConCENTRiX® SDBC Servo Auto Load Cartoner


The ADCO ConCENTRiX® SDBC Horizontal End Load Cartoner is sure to please even the most discerning packaging machinery buyer. Our designers have reimagined everything to bring you a cartoner like none other; highly sanitary, fast, efficient, reliable and best of all, affordable. Featuring centerline design with laser-etched scales, the ConCENTRiX® may be configured to erect, load and seal a wide range of carton sizes and styles at speeds up to 400 cartons per minute, making it ideal for the most demanding production environments. Also available on the ConCENTRiX®, is ADCO’s new, fresh and intuitive InterACT® HMI system. This brilliant new interface is boldly brought to life with a up to a 15" touchscreen, supplied by Allen-Bradley®. The ConCENTRiX® comes equipped with the latest in servo-control with available pushbutton automated changeover technology and much more. Like all ADCO machines, the ConCENTRiX® is constructed in stainless steel and is available in both, standard and washdown configurations. Creating a new standard in cartoning technology. ConCENTRiX® by ADCO.



  • Sanitary design maximizes cleanability and machine access
  • Centerline design with laser etched scales and pointers reduces changeover time and enhances repeatability
  • Stainless steel construction improves cleanability and eliminates corrosion
  • Flexible and adaptable design protects your investment as products change
  • Orbital carton feeder with pre-break ensures smooth, efficient operation
  • Easy to load magazine reduces operator fatigue and increases run time
  • Compact design saves on space and improves portability
  • Advanced guard design keeps operators safe and maximizes maintenance access

Product Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary frame design
  • Orbital carton feeder with pre-break
  • Easy to load, high capacity magazine
  • Product infeed conveyor with adjustable buckets
  • Capable of erecting, loading and sealing either tuck-lock style or glued cartons
  • Nordson® ProBlue hot melt glue system (when glue is specified)
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC control system with touch screen HMI
  • PackML Programming
  • Category 3 safety system with a fully-interlocked barrier guard package
  • Many options available upon request


  • Frozen Pizza
  • Bag-in-box
  • Ready meals
  • Flow-wrapped products
  • Frozen Entrees
  • Baked goods
  • Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers


Carton Dimensions

DimensionsMin (in)Max (in)Min (mm)Max (mm)
Length of Opening 1.5 12.5 40 240
Width of Opening .75 6 20 100
Carton Depth 4 13 100 330



230/460 VAC, 3-Phase with ground (PE), 60 Hz, 30A

Air Consumption

2-3 CFM @80 PSI


  • Washdown construction
  • ADCO InterACT HMI with 17" touchscreen panel
  • Nordson Freedom On Demand Hotmelt Glue System
  • Automatic Pushbutton Changeover
  • Overhead Confining Systems
  • Tuck or glue style cartons
  • Additional infeeds
  • Multiple indexers
  • Multiple feeders
  • Multiple pitch options (6", 7.5", 12", 15")
  • Open major flap detect
  • Marking and coding systems