High Speed "Balcony Style" Auto Load Cartoner

High Speed "Balcony Style" Auto Load Cartoner - BBC/SBBC

Featuring open “balcony” design, the ADCO BBC horizontal end load cartoner and its compact sibling, the SBBC, are the best choice for today’s toughest sanitary production environments.

Offering maximum cleanability and access by design, the BBC family of cartoners are capable of erecting, loading, and sealing a wide range of end load carton sizes and styles at speeds up to 400 cycles per minute.  Simple operation, fast changeover, ergonomic design, and standard PackML programming ensure maximum output with minimal operator input. Like all ADCO machines, the BBC family of high speed auto load cartoners are constructed in stainless steel and are available in both standard and washdown configurations.

  • Stainless steel construction with sanitary balcony frame design
  • Orbital carton feeder with pre-break
  • High capacity, ergonomic low-load carton magazine
  • Barrel cam inserter with adjustable overload sensor-protected retract system
  • No product/no carton, no carton/no load sensing
  • Product infeed conveyor with adjustable buckets, fixed size sliding buckets available
  • Capable of closing either glued or tablock tuck style cartons
  • Nordson® ProBlue FLEX hot melt glue system
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC control system with touch screen HMI
  • PackML Programming
  • Category 3 safety system with a fully-interlocked barrier guard package
  • Multi-axis servo control drive system
  • Sanitary ‘balcony” design maximizes cleanability and machine access
  • Stainless steel construction improves cleanability
  • Flexible and adaptable design protects your investment as products change
  • Orbital carton feeder with pre-break erects the most challenging cartons
  • Ergonomic low-load high-capacity magazine reduces operator fatigue and increases run time
  • Advanced guard design keeps operators safe and maximizes maintenance access
  • Flow-wrapped products
  • Bag-in-box
  • Frozen foods
  • 12" Pizzas
  • Baked goods
  • Snack foods
  • Dairy
  • Frozen novelties
  • Personal care
  • Consumer goods
  • Pharmaceutical
Dimensions Min(in) Max(in) Min(mm) Max(mm)
Length of Opening 1.5 9 38 240
Width of Opening .75 4 20 100
Carton Depth 4 12.5 100 318
Dimensions Min(in) Max(in) Min(mm) Max(mm)
Length of Opening 1.5 7.5 38 190
Width of Opening .75 3 19 76
Carton Opening 4 10 100 254
Electrical 230/460 VAC, 3-Phase with ground (PE), 60 Hz
Air Consumption 2-3 CFM @65-70 PSI
  • Washdown construction
  • ADCO InterACT HMI with 12" touchscreen
  • Nordson MOD melt on demand hotmelt glue system
  • Static and traveling overhead confining systems
  • Glue or tablock tuck style closure
  • Extended length infeed conveyor
  • Quick change sliding product infeed buckets
  • Extensive size range extending options
  • Open flap detect & reject system
  • Marking and coding systems
  • Integrate with an ADCO product indexer
  • PLC & HMI upgrades