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Whether you need a single machine or a complete end-of-line system consisting of a top load carton former, loader and closer, ADCO has a solution for you. With our extensive lineup of top load carton formers, flexible robotic carton loading solutions and carton sealers from which to choose, the experts at ADCO can help our customers fit most needs and budgets. If you are packaging frozen pizza, bakery products, snack foods, flow-wrapped cereal bars or many other product types, you can rest assured that ADCO has the machinery and the solutions expertise to help you get the job done right.

CF-600s / CF-1200s ControlARC2® Top Load Carton Former
AFC / AFCS Carton Former
EnCompass® RCP-15 Compact and Flexible Robotic Case Packer
RCL-2x Two-Axis Robotic Carton Loader
RCL-4x/6x Multi-Axis Robotic Carton Loader
16B Tri-seal Carton Closer
RAC-120 Compact Right Angle Closer
SLC Inline Closer
18TS Inline Top-Seal Carton Closer
ZTC-30 Tri-Seal Carton Closer